Part 2: The Centrepiece

Ernst Style Guide Centrepiece

The Centrepiece

As part of our three-part style guide, we’re sharing our thoughts and insight into what makes a great outfit. You can also read about the Essentials, those classic “go-to” items that form the foundation for any good wardrobe.

The centerpiece lies at the heart of every good look. Start with something you love. Something clean, yet daring. A perfect balance of boldness and restraint. A favourite shirt, sweater or blazer that makes a statement. This becomes the focal point for any great look. But it’s how we build our look around this that creates a unique sense of balance, personality and intrigue.




We love our Mustard Merino Wool Sweater. A daring color for many, but we think it goes great with just about everything. This is a warm and friendly colour with a bold kick. Pair it with your favourite blazer, shirt and tie or simply wear it as a casual sweater for the fall.





Another favourite is our Racing Green Shantung Striped Tie. A vintage inspired classic, with bold stripes and colours use. This tie has a stunning tonality in colour and a beautiful and playful texture. Perfect for anyone focused on the details or simply looking to add that little bit extra to their wardrobe. A great way to add an element of excitement to even the simplest looks!





A more restrained centrepiece is our limited edition White and Blue Cable Striped Shirt. Tailored from a rare, elegant and unexpected material, this shirt is perfect for special occasions, but works equally well at work or the office. It's a shirt with amazing texture and smoothness, that feels great when you wear it. The personality lies in the fantastic play on texture and tonality in the fabric. A timeless classic with a unique and exclusive twist.



Stay tuned for our next update in the Ernst style Guide: Contrasts.

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