Part 3: Contrast

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As part of our three-part style guide, we’re sharing our thoughts and insight into what makes a great outfit. You can also read about the Centrepiece, the focal point for any great look, or about the Essentials, those classic “go-to” items that form the foundation for any good wardrobe.

It’s important to complement and contrast within your outfit to create a balanced look. But don’t get carried away now! Less is more, and it only requires a touch of contrast in just the right places to really bring a look to life.

We always focus on at least one contrast in the form of colour, texture or pattern to give the outfit that extra punch. For us, it’s the play between these contrasts that really brings personality to an outfit. That makes it your own.





Texture adds a subtle depth of interest to any outfit. The shine and sheen of our olive corduroy trousers perfectly contrasts the rougher texture of our white textured cotton shirt. A classic look at first glance, brought to life through attention to details and contrasting textures.






We love our red crewneck merino wool sweater. A perfect pop of color that can easily be dressed up or down for any occasion. It contrasts well with any dark blazer, or simply wear it with a shirt for a more casual yet memorable look.






Patterns can add playfulness and intrigue to any look. Dress up any classic outfit with the addition of patterns. Or mix and match patterns for a more lively style. Take our tweed wool tie. It pairs great with our blue and white striped shirt, and beautifully complements the colour in our sand camel wool scarf. Subtle combinations and contrasts of patterns gives a twist to an otherwise classic look.



You can also read about the Centrepiece, the focal point for any great look, or about the Essentials, those classic “go-to” items that form the foundation for any good wardrobe.

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