Part 1: The Essentials

Ernst Lookbook AW17

What makes the perfect outfit?

While we all have our own unique sense of style, at Ernst by Ernst we believe character and individuality is reflected in the way we dress. Are we outgoing or reserved, sophisticated or casual, playful or serious? Finding our own style in the outfits we wear everyday is an important part of expressing who we are.

We want to share our thoughts on what makes the perfect outfit. While there’s no single formula for looking your best, we’ve put together a style guide—showcasing some of Ernst’s best products and talking about the creative process behind how we dress up or dress down an outfit.

For us, it’s not about trends or what’s “in or out”, but what feels right, and fits right. You have to know the rules to break the rules. And at the end of the day, if an outfit doesn’t make us smile, it’s missing something.

At the end of the day,
if an outfit doesn't make us smile,
it's missing something!

The Essentials

Every wardrobe needs a great foundation. Those classic items that keep finding their way into your outfits, regardless of the occasion. That “go-to” shirt or cozy sweater that you simply can’t get enough of. Essentials work with everything, all the time, regardless of your sense of style. They’re simply essential. Dress up or down any outfit with the help of a good set of essentials. Layer them for a more complex outfit, or enjoy the comfort of a simple look.




Our white stretch cotton shirt is the perfect essential for any outfit. Comfortable and classic, it's perfect for casual or formal wear. Easy to pair with any sweater, blazer or suit, it's a timeless and classic shirt.





The perfect fall essential, our navy v-neck merino wool sweater is the ideal balance of form and function. Our fine merino wool sweaters provide an extra layer of warmth, yet are thin enough to layer our light blue cotton shirt. Navy, a classic colour that completes any look, is an essential in any man’s wardrobe.



Stay tuned for our next update in the Ernst style Guide: The Centerpiece.

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