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Mogens Ernst

Bringing back elegance to everyday style

Ernst by Ernst is inspired by the memories of my grandfather, Mogens Ernst. He worked from home in Denmark as an accountant. Every morning he would get up, put on a neatly pressed suit and tie, and wander downstairs, through the living room and into his private study for a full day’s work. He didn’t even need to leave the house to look his best.

That’s because he believed you should dress your best for any occasion. And we couldn’t agree more. Mogens represents a mentality that has begun to disappear today. That one should always dress their best—that it's a reflection of how we present who we are to the world. This philosophy lies at the heart of Ernst.

At Ernst, we’re bring back elegance to everyday style. With a mission to bring a Scandinavian mentality to classic European tailoring, we want to offer top-quality menswear, that’s comfortable and approachable. Comfort for both fit and personality.

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Character and individuality

We believe in showing character and individuality through quality crafted menswear. An effortless sense of style, for any occasion. How we dress says a lot about who we are—our style reflects our sense of wonder. A creative and adventurous spirit—that we dare to be different. At Ernst, we believe that everyone should fly their own flag. We should have the confidence to embrace who we are and express ourselves through how we dress.

Our collections are meant to be mixed and matched, paired together and built upon over time. This gives our customers the freedom to create their own style and expression—something that’s truly important to us. Who said classic menswear can’t be a canvas for self-expression?

We want to create quality products that last over time. Products that are not only crafted from durable quality materials—meant to withstand the test of time—but products that are timeless and classic. Products that will never feel old or out of style in our wardrobes. We want people to use their head and heart when shopping. For us it’s without a doubt quality over quantity.

Bring a Scandinavian mentality
to classic European tailoring
Ernst Journey

Quality crafted menswear

Our clothes are designed in Norway, and produced together with some of Portugal and Italy’s finest clothiers. Choosing the right textiles and craftsmen has been paramount in establishing a mark of quality for the Ernst brand and products. For us, only the best is good enough. We’re thrilled about our top quality textiles, and the the contrasts between smooth silk, cotton, and wool give amazing depth and layers to each Ernst collection. 

At Ernst we’re extremely focused on where our clothes are made. We visit all our factories and have a close relationship with the craftsmen and tailors behind each item. Handshakes and hugs are a common sight—and we’re proud of this. We believe that building relationships with people who share our passion is what results in the best product. If we know that the people who produce our clothes burn for their craft and love what they do as much as we do, then we know we’ve got a product we can truly be proud of.

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