How to dress up for Sildajazz festival

Herring, jazz and dancing. 

Haugesund is a beautiful city on the west coast of Norway. As you might know, the West Coast has some weather challenges. You can be sunbathing one minute, and seeking shelter from rain in the next.

So, how do you dress up in this ever-changing weather?

Be comfortable with wool

If you want to look nice in the best way that represents “you” and still be comfortable, I have a surprising recommendation. Wear wool. Yes, I’m saying to wear wool in the summertime. A pair of thin wool trousers will keep you warm if temperatures drop, and keep you cool in the summer sun. Wool is a natural fabric that breathes and helps control the temperature. As a matter of fact, this fabric is great to use all year round!

The jacket

The Jacket

Pair the trousers with a nice wool blazer from Ernst by Ernst, such as a half canvas jacket made in Italy with a fine, light super 120 wool. This will keep you warm and fresh.


Keep the layering items simple and clean. Underneath your jacket, I recommend a shirt that’s either 100% cotton or linen. If your wardrobe does not include a light blue or a white shirt that you love, it’s time to purchase one! You can never go wrong with a blue or a white shirt.

The jazz Tie

Shantung Striped Tie

For those of you who like to jazz it up, I recommend classy stripes! If you like to wear ties, choose a striped tie to add contrast to your outfit. If stripes aren't for you, then a color or textured tie can also add contrast.

A helpful tip is to choose a tie that isn't too slim. A tie that is too slim may be a weak statement piece, and get lost in your outfit. A good size width for a tie is 8 cm wide when worn with a jacket.

The contrast

The Contrast

If you’re doing contrast, you don’t want to overdo it. But if there was ever a time that you can’t overdo contrast and texture, it’s during Sildajazz! So stay warm or cool with wool, and  jazz it up with some colors and and have fun!

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